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When the director of the Novorossiysk car service became interested in history, he wanted to become a candidate of science. And certainly to defend themselves in the capital’s university. On the Internet, he found a senior lecturer in the Krasnodar city of Slavyansk-on-Kuban, who promised to arrange everything for half a million rubles. The assistant professor helped me choose a topic and “wrote” my dissertation myself. Protection in one of the capital’s universities passed with fanfare: a representative commission unanimously approved the work of a history buff. In memory he was given a video recording of this solemn event. Already at home, the new Ph.D. received a diploma from the assistant professor and gave him the rest of the money.
There was little cardboard “crust”, and the director of a car service went to the university website — but he did not find his name in the list of defenders. But he found out that his candidate for the same subject in the same university was previously defended by someone else. Frustrated, he went to the police. It turned out that the assistant professor had drafted the entire protection procedure by hiring an agency in Moscow to arrange the pranks. Commission, opponents – everything was set up. Associate Professor bought the diploma in the subway. The Novorossiysk court convicted a 39-year-old swindler for a year in a colony-settlement for fraud, ordered him to return to the victim all the money and pay a 50,000 fine.
Scientific goods became a mass commodity in the mid-2000s. “To defend a thesis – it was like going to a bath. We started giving scientific degrees for birthdays or getting a joke, ”says journalist Sergey Parkhomenko, one of the ideologists of the public campaign against custom-made dissertations. “Having a PhD degree is no longer cool, it’s cool to be an academician or at least a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,” says Sarcastically Arader Osipyan of the Vanderbilt American Research University, who studies corruption in Russian higher education.
Despite recent high-profile exposures, this market is still flourishing, and the Internet is full of advertisements by intermediary firms selling candidate and doctoral dissertations. The main customers are graduate students. Officials, employees of state-owned companies – only the tip of the iceberg. Prices depending on the timing, complexity and quality (the original work or compilation), the region ranges from 10 to 300 thousand rubles for the candidate, from 90 thousand to 1 million for the doctoral (prices are taken on Internet sites). For this money, the customer will be offered from the simplest assistance and advice in choosing a topic to a turnkey thesis with a “guaranteed” defense in a “friendly” dissertation council.

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