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Doctorate degrees without dissertation

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Disser Exactly such a question is asked by candidates of science, associate professors of higher educational institutions, tired of questions from colleagues, such as: “well, when will you write your doctoral thesis?” Very often this question is asked by older colleagues when they want to show their respect for the candidate of science. For, the one who is worthy, in their eyes the degree of Doctor of Science, is “head”, in the words of “pique vests” from the “Golden Calf”. However, sometimes this expression also carries a negative context, when a young scientist is hinted as if: “first achieve it!”
And it is not surprising, because in this country there are only one doctor of science in four candidates of science, and the Russian candidate’s degree now has no real value – more than half of the candidate’s theses are a “fat” student’s essay. After all, with age, we are all a little dull. And we are becoming stupid gradually, as we become aware of the complexity of science. But the students do not care, because they do not have sacred authorities. Therefore, they can prepare for the most difficult exam in a few days. Doctors of sciences, on the contrary, write their monographs suspiciously similar to student essays. Therefore, there is nothing surprising if the professor knows less and less with age.
Despite the fact that writing and defending a doctoral dissertation is troublesome and expensive, for those who seriously hope to make a scientific career in Russia, a Ph.D. degree is a very profitable acquisition. Indeed, for the position of head of department and above, up to the director of a research institute or head of a department in a decent university, a doctor of science diploma is needed. However, the profit from the doctoral now is very doubtful, and the event itself is very costly, both in finance and in time. Yes, and the doctor of science is now on the status as a fucking subtitle.
During the nineteenth century, the rules and procedures for assigning these degrees changed several times, and the procedure for obtaining academic doctorate degrees without dissertation was a multi-stage process. The first degree “university candidate” (from lat. Candida – “white toga” – intended for taking a place, position, for entering where it is written in the waiting queue) was assigned to university graduates who graduated with honors, with a handwritten dissertation, which corresponds to the modern diploma work.

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